Day 4: A Wanderer

Acin Aulia
3 min readOct 31, 2020


I don’t see the rule that this challenge must be written everyday in a row, so I’ll write when I have much time and fresh mind (of clients, of course).

Day 4: Places you want to visit. Here we go!

Talking about favorite places, it is the same as talking about passion. You’ll get fire up and your eyes full of sparks. If you didn’t feel like that, then you just don’t really want to go your ‘favorite’ places. ….Sorry, that’s my thought, you can deny it anyway.

From time to time, the places that I wanted to go to was different every time I got older. Or I say, my goals are actually different by the places. I want to visit all of them. All at once. All at one year. Or months? Can I?

First, if you’re my friend you already know that I really love The Beatles. Most of the song based on their (Ringo and other) experience and…. their hometown. Liverpool. If you’re guessing that Liverpool is my most favorite place to go, you’re not wrong and you’re not right either. There’s still top #1 on the list above Liverpool. Save that later! Let’s talk about Liverpool.

The lads in Liverpool

I want to feel the vibe of most of their song that mostly created in the city who have Mo Salah in it (if you’re watching Yesterday movie, you’ll know this dialogue). I really want to visit The Beatles’ Museum, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, or Eleanor Rigby’s grave? But Liverpool just give me a glimpse of a band that had a place in my heart. I’ll tell you my top #1 place that I want to visit: Yamagata, Japan.

Blame the Ghibli Movies: Only Yesterday! The whole film made me madly in love with the city (Yamagata, if you ask again). The scenery, the local people, and the original building and facilities. Maybe Isao Takahata and other Ghibli fellas just romanticizing Yamagata and other places in Japan like they did in most of their movies. But, it works to me. Not only Yamagata, but other cities in Japan too. Kochi? Yokohama? Kushiro Westland? Or Tokyo itself? You name it.

Scene where Taeko in Yamagata

Maybe don’t only blame the Ghibli fellas, but Haruki Murakami’s too. His story made me want to wander around places that he took for stories (most beautiful and solitude places). I can imagine myself capturing all of the scenery, the architecture building, the cultural festival or people who just mind their own business.

Am I too overhype? YES. Back to the first paragraph. It’s the same as talk about passion. :-)

Anyway, I feel sorry to myself that I skipped many days just to do this challenge. I had this feeling: everyday, I work for my clients to make content planning (include the copy also!), the caption, and the digital activation. My whole work related to writing-thing. I like writing. But, writing for clients and writing for myself (like this now) is WHOLE different. Sometimes it was exhausting. And like I said in day 2, this writing challenge can be some a therapy. But it took time when it comes to everyday (the industry of my workplace is 24/7, fyi). If you people (if there’s anyone read this, for sure… How confidence I am!) get confuse why there’s day one or two or three but this challenge is written in a bounding day, just please, understand! I wrote to myself :-)

See you!