Day 2: Society and Solitude. What kind of happiness?

Acin Aulia
2 min readOct 18, 2020


Day 2: Things That Make You Happy

Before, when it comes to happiness, I’ll become more aware and cautious. Some says that if you laugh a lot, after that you’ll cry or sad quickly. But when I grow older, the more I believe and realize that nothing I can do about it, it just naturally a jinx that people easily believe. The thing is, if you happy, let aside that happiness and don’t compare or mix it with bad moment. That’s what I believe. Just know the place, just know the moment. Happiness, sorrow, bad luck, it’s all just to make we’re alive.

Now talking about things that make me happy: society and solitude. In one moment, I like to gain my energy and mood with have a long talk with my friends. It really makes me happy and full of energy, but sometimes it depends on the topic. Or the places. Traveling and have a culinary trip with my friends could bring me joy too, but again, it depends. Depends on the topic (In this case, the type of travelling. Like backpacking, or just go to theme park in next city).

Solitude sure is very contradictive with society. The solitude I mean is a “Me Time”. In Day 1 I wrote about movies and books, and those two is categorize as my “Me Time” moment. I’m happy spending my whole day just to watching movies or reading a book by myself alone in my room (Regardless on the other moment I need to boost my happiness with society). There’s a thing that I don’t mentioned before, is that I love capturing things and moments with my camera. I’d like to stroll alone with my camera and capture beautiful spot. Not human, but just spot.

A park near my office
My solitude member

Enough talking about happiness! Let’s heading to day 3 tomorrow.

(Anyway, I found it refreshing to write for myself after such a long time, I think this is a therapy?)