Day 1: Dreamer

Acin Aulia
2 min readOct 17, 2020


So I found something that bring back my gut to writing about my private life again thru #WritingChallenge that appears in my Twitter timeline. So here it goes… Day 1: Describe Your Personality

Apparently, I am just a simple minded human that always have dream or imagination for what happen towards (Really, I am). If you think that wasn’t a simple minded, yes it IS. I sometimes don’t calculate what will happen and easily want something that accidentally comes to my mind at the moment. I just want it in my future ‘me’ and decided what I’m going to do after had that vision (Why I called that a vision? I don’t know either).

If you wonder why I easily have an imagination or dreaming or roaming or something, maybe that because my father is a dreamer too. Since I was a kid, he used to told me about his dream since he was a kid, his imagination since he was a kid (even until now!). And maybe that’s influenced me or it just a blood matter.

Some of my hobbies influenced my mind too. I really like watching movies and read a novel (to be exact, I often overthinking about the character in it, way of their thinking and their job or relationship). The different character from those story gave me many thoughts and knowledge about many things. For example (And based on my favorites), Letter Writer like Theodore in “Her” and Tom in “500 Days of Summer” that maybe in real life (Or just my rude assumption) nowadays they’ll called Copywriter or Content Writer (and these two are really my kind of work right now, how funny! Fyi, I watched that show when I’m still in Junior or High School)

Theodore in His Office Desk

And to be Oshima in Kafka On The Shore, Librarian Officer with a million thought of knowledge and life meaning while he just work in a small library. But if you read the book, you’ll amazed by the way of his thinking. It’s absolutely beautiful but poignant at the same time (thanks to you, Haruki Murakami!)

So you did know about me a little after reading several paragraph above. Can you make an assumption? If Copywriter like Theodore and Tom could motivate me, what do you think of Oshima and library for me?

Let’s meet again on Day 2!